Our technology allows Ohmcraft engineers to design application-specific resistors to fit the needs of our collaborative partners in a variety of markets

Our team of experienced materials scientists and engineers work with customers to find solutions to big and challenging problems. Whether a substrate has unique three-dimensional geometries, requires novel materials or must meet specifications not listed on our website, we’re willing to design and develop solutions. 

Where other additive printing technologies fall short, the combination of our Micropen technology and our renowned expertise in inks, substrates and pattern design have led to breakthroughs for large, global customers and start-ups.

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Ohmcraft's high-performance resistors enable medical product designers to continue to improve the quality of life of patients around the world. Our resistors are designed for a variety of products to be used in medical diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Medical Applications

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We recognize innovation as an essential element of a successful modern military. Ohmcraft has served markets in electronic warfare, weapons platforms and force protection and intelligence for over two decades, reliably supporting a wide range of products, programs, and applications.

Military Applications

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Each time Ohmcraft collaborates with a customer from the precision instrumentation market, the versatility of our technology is put to the test. Our precision resistors are able to achieve the precision and repeatability required by modern measurement and detection equipment.

Instrumentation Applications

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Power Supply

Ohmcraft has been committed to supporting the high-voltage and precision needed by the power supply industry. We provide many market leaders with standard and custom products.

Power Supply Applications