At Your Fingertips: Datasheets, White Papers, Application Notes and Multimedia

We want to make it easy to dream bigger and design better. Our resources are designed to provide customers and product development partners with information needed to design innovative products using Ohmcraft’s precision surface mount and leaded resistors.

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Micropenning: Unparalleled Precision

Micropen technology – commonly referred to as Micropenning® – offers unmatched capabilities to design engineers seeking ultimate performance for  their product concepts, allowing previously unheard of freedom to pioneer new ideas that have the potential to change lives.

Unparalleled Precision

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Our call to Dream Bigger, Design Better is more than a slogan. It’s how we work with our own customers each and every day. Our team of experienced materials scientists and engineers work with customers to find solutions to big and challenging problems.

Dream Bigger, Design Better

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White Papers

Dreaming bigger and designing better comes from close collaboration – something we’ve employed with partner companies and organizations over the past several decades.

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Application Notes

When you work with Ohmcraft, you’re collaborating with a team of engineers and scientists who understand that your goal is not just to specify a precision resistor, but to achieve peak performance from your products.

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Photo and Video Resources

Seeing the Micropenning® process applied to precision resistor and custom product manufacturing often leads to new, breakthrough ideas and concepts from some of the world’s most respected and established organizations, as well as entrepreneurial organizations looking for an edge.

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