Custom Leaded Resistor Networks (CN Series)

CN: New Levels of Performance and Stability with Micropen printing technology

To review the Ohmcraft CN Series datasheet, click here. Custom configurations are also available by contacting us.

Our unique CAD/CAM direct write system allows us to quickly custom fabricate resistor networks, offering:

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Custom Leaded Resistor Networks (CN)

Ohmcraft’s revolutionary precision Micropen printing technology provides an entirely new level of performance and stability in custom leaded resistor networks.

The usual hybrid technologies for manufacturing resistors depend upon composite materials that have limitations. Traditional thick-film methods severely limit performance characteristics while thin-film methods are limited in attainable ohmic values. Ohmcraft’s FineFilm technology, combined with our proprietary Micropenning® manufacturing process, offers the best characteristics of both.

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Our Proprietary Serpentine Pattern

The long serpentine pattern used in manufacturing Custom Networks, coupled with the use of low ohms/square thick film inks, makes it possible to create virtually any divider ratio. For example, Ohmcraft produces 7 decade networks (20k to 20G ohm) with precision ratio tolerances. Low noise, low TCR, low VCR, and many other features add up to the finest leaded networks on the market today.