Collaboration. Stimulation. Inspiration.

At Ohmcraft, you get to build your career by working in a fast-paced, challenging enviornment that relies on curiosity and innovation. You get to work on products that save and extend lives, explore space, protect our country and advance society. Since all of our work is custom or application specific, at Ohmcraft, “every night is opening night.”

At Ohmcraft we look for people who want to have a positive influence on our products, customers and on our team and want to influence the success of their career.

Our Culture: It’s who we are

It’s a culture of Collaboration, of Hi-Performance, of Results, of having Fun.
Our values - the principles on which we make day to day decisions

  • Relationships matter
  • Don’t fear failure
  • Take risks
  • Do the right thing

To apply to become a member of the Ohmcraft team, contact us